Month: November 2014

A Simple Prayer…

It seems hard to find these around my place, perhaps they are in general now. I know I don’t see too many of them each Season. Once again only a baby. Last year the largest one I saw only managed about 20mm in length. This one was approx 10mm in length, but I assume if she or he lasts, will reach the usual size.

A New Level of Intimacy with the World…

Ok, first few tests, and starting to get the swing of it. I still need to do much more work with Flash in general, but I’m starting to get the hang of this one for these type of shots. I’ve also tested the Kenko 36mm extension tube, and pretty happy with what it’s going to let me shoot. Unsure how I’ll go with all of them attached, but it’s possible.

The Bringer of Light…

Yesterday my newest pieces of gear arrived The Sigma EM 140 DG Macro Flash and a set of Kenko Extension Tubes for Nikon are hopefully going to be a boon to my Macro shooting.

The amount of light required to allow the smallest of apertures to achieve “large” Depth of Field (DoF) is always an issue with Macro photography. Without enough light you just can’t stretch that DoF out to allow more detail. Sometimes that doesn’t matter so much, depending on composition and subject, but other times I’m left wanting more! I’m sure viewers of such work do too. The budget wouldn’t stretch to the Nikon option currently. This Macro Flash does seem to review reasonably well for the money, and this time of year money’s tight. Of course the Extension Tubes will offset this because of the reduction of Depth of Field inherent in the “magnification” effect of the tubes. Still there are always “trade offs” with such enhancements.

So after going out for an early morning shoot, coming back to for second breakfast, slip out to vote, come back and knock off the housework and have a relaxing cup of tea I’m ready to start tinkering with the new toys. Hopefully I’ll post some shots later today.


Liebster Award

My fellow blogger friend Louise from Louise Busija Jones, nominated me today to take part in the Liebster Blog Award. Normally I’m a bit cautious of such things, but Louise has been very supportive to me over the last few years, and this seems like an opportunity to offer something to her some support in return.

Louise has put forward the below questions for me to ponder and to which I respond the below.

1. Where does your name come from?
Short Answer: Scotland. Craig = Dweller in the Crag.

2. What are you most afraid of?

3. Why do you go to work every day?
Because I’ve not yet found freedom from having to do so!

4. Who is the one person that makes your heart stir?
No One at present.

5. Black & White or Shades of Grey?
Oh clearly Shades of Grey. Rarely is anything as simple and easy as Black & White.

6. Do you have a special family recipe to share?
No I love all food equally, except for seafood!

7. Funniest moment in your life?
The time a friend messaged me to say that a risque message reminder I’d put in my Calendar an had sent as an invite had popped up on the big screen in the middle of a presentation the friend was doing. Apparently my friend paused for a moment and then continued on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened to a somewhat “stunned” audience.

8. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
A Cat. Independent, Wise and small enough to fit in a lap.

9. What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
A chance to let others see things they may not see in real life. To encourage others to look more deeply at the beauty of world and appreciated the interdependence of life on this tiny planet.

10. Earth, Wind or Fire?
Sorry, greedy here, can’t choose, All Three as each is required for balance.

Unfortunately I can’t add to the list of blogs because most of the ones from friends aren’t updated regularly enough anymore. It does take dedication. And sometimes I feel a “bit of a Galah”.

Towards the Idyllic…

Today I opened an Etsy Store: Shards Of Arcadia. It’s my first step towards a change in my life’s direction. Towards a simpler life. It may go nowhere, but somehow I think the time is right, and this is something I need to do, if only to say I did it.

Hopefully the Furbag’s are teaching me how to live now…

Throwing the Hat in the Ring…

I’ve decided to start moving on my desire to generate some income from my photography. To that end I’m opening a Etsy Store soon. Just need to get some stock behind me to be able to fill an order or two if I get some. I’m still researching the shipping aspects such as cost and containers, but should have that sorted by the end of the week. Stock may be another story though.

At this stage I’m going to limit myself to cards and prints. Hopefully there’ll be someone out there who appreciates them enough to pay a few dollars for one or two. The only way to know is to do it of course!

Two to Tango…

Additional inspiration with the joining of Chemoux to the Furbag clan at Darriwell is appreciated. They’re both getting on fine now, and providing much new fodder for the lens. The similarities in personality and looks are startling, but the differences are equally pronounced upon close inspection.

I’m glad to report that they’re both very happy with the current situation!

Bonus Score…

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Oregon 600t Garmin GPS for taking along on the wildlife shoots. I’ve found my mobile phone often without signal while out in the more difficult areas to get to, or simply out bush. I have been interested in Geotagging my photos for some time, but had balked at the $300 plus price tag on a dedicated nikon GPS module to sit on the hot shoe.

Imagine my delight upon some further research more recently to find that I could use the tracking facility of the Oregon 600t Garmin GPS in conjunction with my Shoots, and import the “gtx” file into Lightroom 5.6 and attached coordinates etc to a set of files. Not that I need 5.6 to do it, but I’m very happy just the same. Dual functionality from a single device.

As Chemoux says, “SNAP”!

Can I Go Out to Play with the Big Cat…

There’s a new Furbag in the house, Chemoux (pronounced Schmoo). She’s a dear little critter, and she and Tigga are starting to work it out. Chemoux’s clearly all good, but Tigga is taking a little longer. Still it’s coming along fairly well with at least a 15 minute play session that didn’t end in tears for anyone! I’m sure there’ll be more of Chemoux up here soon.