Monthly archives: April, 2015

Autumn is Indeed Here…


Wild and erratic temperatures, and from calm to gust in minutes. “Old Man” Winter is not far away, but there are “strands” of time standing still.

Free and Easy Down the Road…


A trip to Woodend and back with just the idea of a relaxing drive and shoot anything that happened to interest was the only goal Stefan & I had while having a day of chilling out on the road and chatting. A slip into Trentham Falls was wonderful however I gather from some others that it normally has more water running down it. Yet another sign that we’re still not far out of drought if at all! An amusing moment was watching another visitor to the area taking her Furbag for a walk on a lead and watching it play with the water. Unfortunately I couldn’t get quite enough light in to get a good shot of them.

Claws of Death…


Chemoux is proving herself just as photogenic as Tigga. She’s also proving every bit the huntress just the same as her “Aunt”. Chemoux still lacks the patience of the “seasoned” hunter, but she’s no less deadly!