Month: December 2013

A Wishlist for the New Year…

From a Macro shot point of view (excuse the bad pun) I’m aiming to get some photographs of the below list by the end of summer. Not sure whether I’ll find them all conveniently close to home, but we shall see what I can check off the list in a few months!

Praying Mantis
Wolf Spider
Orb Weaver

I may add to this list over the next week, but at this stage I’d be happy to score what’s there.

Technical prattle…

Over the last twelve months, I’ve been shopping for quite a bit of gear, given the overseas prices for purchasing gear. I won’t bother ranting about the price of gear in this country given the cost overseas, but I’ve been taking full advantage of the overseas pricing while I can: we all know it can’t last.

My most recent Glass purchase has been a Tamron 24- 70mm F2.8 mainly for use on the D600. Other recent purchases have been a Sigma 10-20mm, and also a bargain priced 50mm F1.8. Additionally this year I picked up locally a D600 for an excellent price of $1900 (with 2 year Australian warranty).

From a software perspective I’ve upgraded from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5, and from Elements 11 to Elements 12. I might say though, that I’ve not used Elements for any photo editing really at this stage, certainly nothing on this site has been edited in anything other than Lightroom. I’ve been trying to develop my skill set to minimise the amount of time I have to spend modifying with software afterwards. I basically upgraded because of the promotional deal and the interest in seeing how well Revel would work. Still at some point I’ll get some use out of it, and well I’m not spending thousands on the full blown Photoshop.

Moving Ahead…

I’ve finally managed to devote a bit of time to getting this blog moving ahead. I’ve added some photos, and tried to tidy up the few things that didn’t seem to be working properly. Mostly this was to do with my unfamiliarity with the theme I’m using, Minimatica and how to make the most of it. Hopefully I’ll get the photos up for the other pages shortly. I know it may seem egotistical, but I’ve been putting copyright water marks on the images on the site, mostly because on the internet you just can’t be sure where something will end up. Not that I’m about to make any huge income on my photography (at least not in the short to medium term), but it’s worth imagining!