The Rigs…

This is the gear that I’m using currently. It started with the D3100 and the 2 kit lenses (18-55mm & 55-300mm). After about a year of shooting and deciding that I was sticking with it, I grabbed a D7000 and been very happy with it. Most recent additions have been the D600 & the Tamron 24-70mm. There’s a mixture of DX (5x) & FX (4x) lenses, although that’s not to say the FX stay on the D600. Back in about October 2014 I bought a Tamron 150-600mm, which for the small dollars I paid compared to equivalent Nikon lenses is an absolute bargain!

My most recent purchases are a Nikon D810, which has arrived and is a joy to shoot with, and at the moment it’s sporting the above mentioned Tamron. On the way though not yet shipped is a Nikkor AF Micro 200mm F4 D. I’ve decided to cut the arguments with myself about Macro Lenses and shooting etc. I’ll have the best I can buy on that count. I’ll add a photo of each here once I have the 200mm in hand. Not long I hope.

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