Liebster Award

My fellow blogger friend Louise from Louise Busija Jones, nominated me today to take part in the Liebster Blog Award. Normally I’m a bit cautious of such things, but Louise has been very supportive to me over the last few years, and this seems like an opportunity to offer something to her some support in return.

Louise has put forward the below questions for me to ponder and to which I respond the below.

1. Where does your name come from?
Short Answer: Scotland. Craig = Dweller in the Crag.

2. What are you most afraid of?

3. Why do you go to work every day?
Because I’ve not yet found freedom from having to do so!

4. Who is the one person that makes your heart stir?
No One at present.

5. Black & White or Shades of Grey?
Oh clearly Shades of Grey. Rarely is anything as simple and easy as Black & White.

6. Do you have a special family recipe to share?
No I love all food equally, except for seafood!

7. Funniest moment in your life?
The time a friend messaged me to say that a risque message reminder I’d put in my Calendar an had sent as an invite had popped up on the big screen in the middle of a presentation the friend was doing. Apparently my friend paused for a moment and then continued on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened to a somewhat “stunned” audience.

8. If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
A Cat. Independent, Wise and small enough to fit in a lap.

9. What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
A chance to let others see things they may not see in real life. To encourage others to look more deeply at the beauty of world and appreciated the interdependence of life on this tiny planet.

10. Earth, Wind or Fire?
Sorry, greedy here, can’t choose, All Three as each is required for balance.

Unfortunately I can’t add to the list of blogs because most of the ones from friends aren’t updated regularly enough anymore. It does take dedication. And sometimes I feel a “bit of a Galah”.