Yesterday my newest pieces of gear arrived The Sigma EM 140 DG Macro Flash and a set of Kenko Extension Tubes for Nikon are hopefully going to be a boon to my Macro shooting.

The amount of light required to allow the smallest of apertures to achieve “large” Depth of Field (DoF) is always an issue with Macro photography. Without enough light you just can’t stretch that DoF out to allow more detail. Sometimes that doesn’t matter so much, depending on composition and subject, but other times I’m left wanting more! I’m sure viewers of such work do too. The budget wouldn’t stretch to the Nikon option currently. This Macro Flash does seem to review reasonably well for the money, and this time of year money’s tight. Of course the Extension Tubes will offset this because of the reduction of Depth of Field inherent in the “magnification” effect of the tubes. Still there are always “trade offs” with such enhancements.

So after going out for an early morning shoot, coming back to for second breakfast, slip out to vote, come back and knock off the housework and have a relaxing cup of tea I’m ready to start tinkering with the new toys. Hopefully I’ll post some shots later today.