Over the next few months I’ll be adding further entries about my use of certain software in my workflow, but for now I’ll just provide a summary below. As the weeks proceed, I’ll add posts about each discussing in detail how they fit into what I am trying to present.

Lightroom 6
I’ve been hooked on Lightroom since Version 3. This is my first port of call in my workflow. RAW files are imported into Lightroom before anything else happens.

Photoshop Elements 13
I have to confess that I don’t use Photoshop at all in my current workflow process.

DXO Optics Pro
I do use this reasonably regularly having bought the Suite at a promotion which saved me 50% on the total price for all three complimentary applications. I have it as an alternative to Lightroom 6 and mainly because in Lightroom I still don’t use a lot of presets in my current workflow. However I do appreciate the presets from DXO Optics Pro, and particularly like to use it when exploring Black & White renditions of particular shots.

DXO Filmpack 5
I don’t use this very often at this stage, although I do often experiment with the various looks on certain shots. I suppose at this stage the majority of my subject matter doesn’t lend itself particularly to benefiting from a film-like quality.

DXO Viewpoint 2
I’ve not really explored the use of this software yet in any of my shots. Haven’t felt the need for it yet.

Photomatrix Pro 5
Although I had an early fling with HDR photography, I’ve not yet returned to exploring that further. My research has indicated that this software would be the best for my particular interests in this area when I get back to experimenting with it.

Helicon Focus
I use this constantly with my regular sorties into Focus-stacking my Macro work.

Helicon 3DViewer
I can’t really comment on this particular bit of software and its uses yet as I don’t use it. It came bundled with my Helicon Focus Pro purchase so I didn’t complain at the time.

Adobe Premier Elements 13
I don’t use this software at this stage as I don’t generally shoot video at this stage. I once again bought it as a package deal with Photoshop Elements 13. Saved me 50% on the price.