I’ve been a bit lax putting some new stock up over the last couple of months while trying to settle into a Part-time Photographer, Part-time I.T. person. I’ve also been putting in a a bit of preparation for the planned New Zealand Trip for a month’s worth of Photography in the South Island. Although still some time away, I’m looking forward to shooting some magnificent Scenery, Flora & Fauna. To be honest the most difficult part so far has been locating a Reliable House Sitter. Now that I have one booked in, I’ve just got a few more Itinerary and Strategic things to work out.

Other than the above, the bulk of the time recently has been spent getting comfortable with some of my gear that hasn’t been getting much use for a while, and I’ll need to be quick with it later. Triggers, remotes, remote software are great, but not if you can’t use them fast and reliably when needed.