There hasn’t been a lot of work going on in this blog for the last couple of months mostly due to the work that’s been going into Shards Of Arcadia. It’s been taking some time to get some of the back end processes for the online shop running smoothly and additionally picking up a couple of sales. That doesn’t mean this blog is forgotten but as I mentioned in the last post there will be a change of direction for this blog.

Some time ago I was out at a friend’s property taking some shots and came across a few abandoned cars, as seems to be the case quite often on farms. Anyway I was fascinated with the way that the shrubs & bushes had begun to absorb the wrecks and create Car Wraiths. I will print at least a couple of these during my next print session. They make very interesting pieces.

One thing I’ve been doing a lot more of in recent months is printing my photographs. There’s definitely something pleasing about seeing your own work up on a wall in a frame. It gives the photograph another layer of existence. Yes, you can have hundreds up on the internet on a site, but there’s something really satisfying about having done the work in Lightroom and whatever additional post-processing you’ve done to help the original image shine to it’s full potential, then seeing it take a very tangible presence on a wall in a frame that helps it but doesn’t over power it. Also there’s the interesting possibilities when you decided to place a number of prints together in a frame and need to arrange images to give the whole a balance just as important as it is for the composition within a single image.