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The Bonuses of Friendship…

After a combination of friends and family have commented about the watermark being moved to the centre, I’ve had my gut feeling reinforced that it should have been far more transparent. I’ve since changed its settings and replaced the photos on the blog with new copies with the updated watermark.

I know it’s somewhat early days to be worried about copyright infringement, but it’s a simple thing easily remedied and needs to be done. I must confess the change to the watermark was a hurried thing, and although it did “bother” me at the time I’d not sat back and thought much about why at the time.

Thanks to the friends and family (Hien, Stu & Byron) willing to go the extra step and provide positive critical but helpful feedback.

Bonus Score…

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Oregon 600t Garmin GPS for taking along on the wildlife shoots. I’ve found my mobile phone often without signal while out in the more difficult areas to get to, or simply out bush. I have been interested in Geotagging my photos for some time, but had balked at the $300 plus price tag on a dedicated nikon GPS module to sit on the hot shoe.

Imagine my delight upon some further research more recently to find that I could use the tracking facility of the Oregon 600t Garmin GPS in conjunction with my Shoots, and import the “gtx” file into Lightroom 5.6 and attached coordinates etc to a set of files. Not that I need 5.6 to do it, but I’m very happy just the same. Dual functionality from a single device.

As Chemoux says, “SNAP”!

Technical prattle…

Over the last twelve months, I’ve been shopping for quite a bit of gear, given the overseas prices for purchasing gear. I won’t bother ranting about the price of gear in this country given the cost overseas, but I’ve been taking full advantage of the overseas pricing while I can: we all know it can’t last.

My most recent Glass purchase has been a Tamron 24- 70mm F2.8 mainly for use on the D600. Other recent purchases have been a Sigma 10-20mm, and also a bargain priced 50mm F1.8. Additionally this year I picked up locally a D600 for an excellent price of $1900 (with 2 year Australian warranty).

From a software perspective I’ve upgraded from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5, and from Elements 11 to Elements 12. I might say though, that I’ve not used Elements for any photo editing really at this stage, certainly nothing on this site has been edited in anything other than Lightroom. I’ve been trying to develop my skill set to minimise the amount of time I have to spend modifying with software afterwards. I basically upgraded because of the promotional deal and the interest in seeing how well Revel would work. Still at some point I’ll get some use out of it, and well I’m not spending thousands on the full blown Photoshop.